Drivers for Brushless

Hi, i've a simple brushless without posicional control and i want to control with an arduino UNO. I don't find the necesary drivers for connect them. Can you help me?

Thanks, and sorry for my english

Don't worry about the language. If we can't figure out what you are saying, we will ask.

What size brushless motor? My experience with brushless motors is with small motors used in the RC hobby. For these, I use an ESC, and electronic speed control. The arduino can talk to these ESCs using the servo library.

If its an RC brushless motor you're best off using a purpose made E.S.C. since they have very low resistance windings (mine has winding resistance below the resolution of my multimeter, 0.1ohm)

The brushless's a A2212-13 1000KV I need the circuit of the electronic control of speed. I know that exist the integrated circuit, but i'd like make on a protoboard with discrets component. Thanks.

So, you do not want a pre-packaged controller, you want to make your own.

I googled DIY brushless controller.

It turned up a ton of articles by Ron van Sommeren, a gentleman who has invested a lot of time illustrating the ideas for everyone. More reading material that you will know what to do with!