drivers problems

i was using my board perfectly without a problem but when i tried to upload a new sketch my computer didnt found the usb conection, then i tried downloading the newest drivers and the newest IDE version, but it didnt workout..... i was working in a proyect using 2 H bridges and 2 LM324. (the green led is on)

I don't know if i'll be of much help.. if it can't find your usb connection then your usb may have gone bad.

does a flashdrive work in it? (not just power but data transfer)

you could reset your usb ports by going into "device manager" and expand the USB section and uninstall every serial bus. then restart your computer and they should automatically reinstall.

I see this happen all the time on computers. if thats not the problem then I'm not sure..

good luck, Dave

the real problem is that i cant upload anything... i can use it but with the last sketch i upload. Please Help

is the COM port in the arduino drop down menu? any error messages?