Drivers & software for LILYGO TTGO T-Deer Pro Mini Lora?32

I have LILYGO TTGO T-Deer Pro Mini Lora32:

I went to but could not find drivers. Also google search for "lilygo ttgo pro mini drivers" did not get the results I wanted .

What/where I can find drivers for this

It doesn't look like it directly connects to a PC and hence it does not need drivers. The 5 pins GND, 5V, TXD, RXD and DTR connect to a TTL-to-USB adapter like; make sure that you have / get one that has a DTR output. And you possibly need a driver for that.

I think that you basically can follow Using the Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V - SparkFun Learn. Note that the instructions are for a 3.3V/8MHz ProMini, so take note of the 'heads up' at the top.

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An alternative to the SparkFun FTDI board is Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2.1; you can't go wrong with it (but not sure if it's supported outside the Windows world).

With drivers I meant the drivers for Arduino IDE so that I can upload code to the Lilygo TTGO

This is an ESP32 board. I am familiar with Arduino Pro Mini. I do't think I can use the same IDE board drivers (I could be wrong) used for Arduino Pro mini which is a different board (albeit somewhat a similar name).

It is NOT an ESP32 board, it has a LORA radio module, and is a pro-mini as far as the IDE is concerned.

Did you look it up ?

The product page for that board says its got an Atmega328P processor;

Thank you. Can you tell me if there are any examples that would get me going using LORA? I plan to do simple LoraWAN tests.

@newuser - the short answer is yes.

For a longer answer, maybe Google can be your friend too .... :wink:

I search for "arduino lora example" and got lots of hits.

And as a bit of a heads up - look at the link @srnet posted and take note of the "Pin reference description" section as you may well need to know how the LoRa module is connected to the 328p. Just in case the library you choose defaults to different pins for CS, IRQ (and RESET if it's implemented).

LoRa and LoRaWAN are different.

The ATmega328P will be OK for plain point to point LoRa and whilst it can work with LoRaWAN applications such as The Things Network (TTN) it is a bit short of memory. You would also need to be in range of a TTN Gateway.

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