Driveway Gate with RF Keyfob via Arduino

I'm thinking about making a driveway gate that opens with a keyfob and some manual button at the gate. I'd purchase black iron fencing that will be moved with linear actuators but need something to control the system. The linear actuator will be 12 or 24VDC and some have RF remotes but if I use an Arduino then I assume its best to have the Arduino do all the controls.

I'm looking for guidance on which Arduino, shields and other components I need to use to accomplish the project. I plan to put everything in some sort of box so size isn't the issue, hence the cheapest Arduino should be sufficient as I won't need a ton of I/O. As far as shields, I've looking for some RF remote shields but nothing seems obvious to me. The button I can wire direct to a digital input. Is there a shield for an actuator or just make sure I buy an actuator with its own controls and limit switches?


Anyone know anything about I saw the one below that might work and they have mounting equipment and RF remotes but I'm not sure how they integrate with each other to start movement...not sure if the Arduino is still the critical aspect.