Driving 16 steps of LEDs via external MIDI clock

Hey Everyone

Ok so im trying to drive 16 steps of LEDs in a conventional step-sequencer based project.

Theres no multiplexing going on and the 16 LEDs which also have a toggle button per LED are all connected to the digital pins of an Arduino Mega 2560.

This is a topic that has come up often on this forum. But after scouring the internet there are a lot of posts that lead to loose ends and inconclusive knowledge.

So was wondering anyone has a clear concise example of a MIDI in circuit schematic and code?

here are the links that i found that have been the most useful up to date http://little-scale.blogspot.co.uk/2008/05/how-to-deal-with-midi-clock-signals-in.html


But so far in terms of the overall wiring and coding for my step-sequencer ive been using this blog post as an example. http://chemiker1981.blogspot.co.uk/2010/10/1-reading-midi-clock-to-read-midi-clock.html

In terms of feeding the MIDI in with clock data, it will either be generated by an external drum machine i.e. Roland TR-707 or MIDI clock generated from Logic Pro

any help would be greatly appreciated! as im kinda at loose ends at the moment.

Cheers Nick

Do not cross post.

what exactly do you mean?

I mean that you have an other identical post in an other section of the forum. This is considered very bad manors here and accounts for why I for one am not answering your question here.

It wasn't my intention at all to be rude towards the functionality of this forum or its users. But yeah i can see your point maybe i put in two many questions in this forum post from the previous one.

But i have to admit that this post is meant to be directly about MIDI in and interfacing clock signal with the Arduino.

To be honest i think this post could be really helpful to users as all the information regarding MIDI in is vastly scattered all over this forum and the internet and it would be highly beneficial to have it all collected and concluded here.

I'm sure you can see the logic in that.

But if it still proceeds to ruffle your feathers then my apologies

Cheers Nick

grumpy Mike, you could be a little less grumpy and help him if you know the asnwer