Driving a neopixel LED (WS2812) directly from an ATMEGA328 chip?

I’d like to try using an ATMEGA328 chip instead of a full Arduino. My project has a timer that uses millis(), and drives a single Neopixel LED using Adafruit_NeoPixel.h. I watched this video and would love to try minimizing the hardware:

Does anyone happen to have any thoughts about whether I can run a Neopixel, which I know are finnicky about timing, from an ATMEGA328 (or some other chip) directly?

Thanks for any help.

I found this project driving some Neopixels:

Looks like he included the occilator.

This police car is driven by a bare metal ATmega328P directly . (LEDs are SK6812-3535. Same driver as WS2812 can be used)

You'll still need to regulate the voltage to them (Neopixels).. as they need a stable 5v.

Also.. Adafruit recommends using a resistor on the 'control/data' pin.. as well as a capacitor to decouple the power supply.

Looking at the video you posted.. he makes a 'bare-bones' Arduino.. and flashes it using an UNO..

From the barebones circuit he is using.. what else could possibly want to eliminate?

Using a Pro-mini is not much bigger than a bare ATmega328 chip

As long as you're running at 5v, you can just connect up the LED, just like you would to an Uno/nano/etc. I think somewhere around 4.5v, the blue led fades out, and a little below that point, the green does as well (below that, the control chip stops functioning before the red channel).

Timing on an 8mhz board with internal oscillator isn't perfect, but I'm pretty sure it's good enough for a neopixel.

You need a 0.1uF ceramic cap right next to the neopixel (decoupling) but that's all - you don't need the little resistor on the data line unless the wires are long, nor do you need the larger cap for a single LED.

I use a 10uF at the point where the 5v/gnd leads leave the circuit board. There are no caps next to the LEDs. There is no series resister in the data line. I have run this car on 3 AAA cells and have seen it run down to 2.5V -- it's hard to tell any difference from running at the 5v level. This rig is approaching 10,000 hrs operation - never had a glitch.
The advantage of running the chip by itself is that you can fit everything into the trunk of a 1/18 Crown Vic. An oscillator circuit does not take up much room so timing is no issue.

Using a Pro-mini is not much bigger than a bare ATmega328 chip

Aha and thank you! Didn't know about the Pro Mini. Ordered and thanks again.

And thanks everyone for all the other excellent advice.