Driving a PMDC with brush 12 volt, 3000 rpm, 250 watts, Geared, Uni-directional

Hi, i am working on a project that requires to control a DC motor with PWM. Which PWM source is best suited for this application, also the speed control is via a human input. it has to be more like a throttle.

PWM source isn’t an issue except for the frequency.

The motor controller is the main thing to decide on, and you haven’t said which
motor - datasheet ideally. “250W” isn’t enough info, it doesn’t indicate the stall
current for instance.

For unidirectional control a single switching device or a 1/2 H-bridge would be
appropriate (the latter enables more linear speed control) - is that what you
mean by “more like a throttle”? Speed control v. torque control is important to
get right…