Driving a Power Switch IC using pin 13

I'm using a Teensy 3.5 to directly drive a MIC2981/82YWM power switch which in turn drives some LEDs . This works fine, with the pin from the teensy connected directly to the IC input pins. I am just modifying my design and am running out of pins on my teensy, so I want to be able to drive one of the inputs using pin 13 - the LED pin. I'm aware that this is a slightly weird pin in that it's tied to the internal board LED.

Will this cause any issue with operating the IC input? I'm guessing not as I'm using it as an output - and a breadboard test seems to show that it drives and external LED just fine.

Is there a way to drive this pin high/low and not the internal LED? (I'd like to flash this in other circumstances - when a CAN message is received).

No. :sunglasses:

Not unless you disconnect the LED. :roll_eyes:

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