Driving a Push Pull Solenoid

Hi Everyone, I am working on a project with Push-Pull solenoids being powered in extension and retraction. The solenoids may be cycled up to 100Hz, on a 12V system, and could pull 2A. I am unsure on how I would drive such a circuit. My first guess was an H-bridge but I am unsure of the performance at that frequency and high current. I'm currently looking at MOSFET Driving circuits but I'm wary of reversing the current through the FETs. Ideally I would like a logic level input to control it. Any help would be appreciated.

It looks like an easy work for H-bridge drivers.
BTW, the H-bridge that drives the stepper switches current over kHz order.

You can choose.

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Thanks for the help. I’ve been overthinking this for a few nights it seems.

I think that there is no problem in driving at that frequency, but if use with large current, the chip may become a warm, so I recommend take measures such as attaching a heat sink.

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What is that solenoid actually supposed to do? It will hardly move its full stroke at that speed. Likely it will make noise, maybe vibrate.

Take a look at a BTS7960 bridge module. They are inexpensive and work very well. They have a MOSFET output rated at 42A, an overkill but it will give you a very low voltage drop and they will run cold.

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Can you please post a link to data/specs of your solenoid please?
How many of these units will you be controlling?

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