Driving a set of 6 LED and a camera using PMW pulse


I am very new in micro-controller programming, just had some course at university for some years ago, but have a rather good knowledge about analog electronics. I am writing here to have some advises on which Arduino platform to chose for my application. I am looking for a micro-controller/FPGA to perform the following task (see attached drawing). Basically I would like to send Pulse Width Modulated pulses to drive a set of 6 LED (maybe more in the future) and a camera based on a trigger signal that is periodical or close to periodical. I would like the pulses to be TTL compatibles and with voltages at least > 3 Volts. I will need pulses with ON durations as short as 100 us and maybe as long as 100 ms. The frequency of my trigger signal will be located between 1 to 20 Hz. My application is not lightning, and I requires a rather high timing precision and a very low jitter between the different pulses (jitter < 100 us). In addition, I am aiming at using LED driver for the LED because I need a rather high current, so the pulses will have to be able to drive TTL compatibles devices.
I was wondering what kind of Arduino platform, if any, would suit to my needs? I was also wondering if there were any possibilities to grab camera images using Arduino?

Thanks for the help.


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Any Arduino would do for the timing/triggering, none of them are likely to be any help for capturing images.

Yes you can generate all the outputs you seem to want with any of the Arduinos.

Topics to look at are direct port manipulation (all outputs on the same port and write the port in a single op - no "jitter") and ASM for the ATmeag chips.

No you can't do any kind of image capture with the Arduinos but they can control cameras.