Driving a Tower Pro SG90 servo HELP!

I've got a Tower Pro SG90 9g servo and have connected it to the Arduino Uno R3 (which is connected to USB) as stated in the example sketch "Sweep". I get 2 problems: 1. The servo makes small judders and rotates approx. 1 degree every second. OR 2. The servo will make two full sweeps then stop, the led on pin 13 will flash, then the servo will start again. These two issues will interchange with each other, with no external changes. ie. changing the sketch or the connections. Im trying to learn here, so if someone could tell me not only how to fix this issue, but also what the issue actually is, so I understand for the future that would be awesome!! :D

o if someone could tell me not only how to fix this issue, but also what the issue actually is

Don't power the servo from the arduino, use an external power source.

Thank you! I was worried I had damaged my board! Why would the example say to wire the servo up like that? Is it because the servo in the starter kit draws less current?

Hey :-)

yes, the start package servo is sooo small its disturbance is within the limits the arduino can handle.

but mostly even if they have values the arduino can clearly handle, they still produce power peaks and drops way over the stated values and so out of the range the arduino can handle.

search for "arduino servo external power source" and massive tutorials will show up.

key is to give arduino and motor seperate power & to connect the motors external power GND to the arduinos GND.

In general never connect any motorized device to a logic supply - motors can be generators and develop too high a voltage, they are inductive and could put over-voltage spikes on the supply, and often will take too much current causing the supply to dip and reset the MPU.

Avoid all these issue by separate power...