Driving an IV-18 VFD using an Arduino

I'm trying to use information from LadyAda's Ice Tube clock - http://www.ladyada.net/make/icetube/design.html - to simply drive a IV-18 VFD (not using it as a clock). I would like to use a stand alone Arduino with a 16Mhz crystal.

I had a question regarding her design and driving the display using an Arduino:

I'm not actually building a clock, BUT I want to use ladyada's boost converter circuit (see link above). Can I use a 16MHz external crystal for the Arduino? Or will this throw off the Arduino PWM frequency?

  • What a standalone Arduino's default PWM frequency with a 16Mhz crystal? This site says 488Hz but this page says the default PWM frequency on the Arduino is 31.25KHz.


The default PWM frequency on the Arduino is 488.28125hz. You can change it to 31.25khz, but be careful which pins you change. Changing the PWM frequency on certain pins will disable/interfere with certain features. Google “change arduino PWM frequency”.