Driving Car

I took this toy van apart to try to have it move using the arduino TT motor and an arduino nano. The biggest problem i am getting the having the motor connected to the back wheels using gears. The motor: |500x375 The car bottom: |500x375 The Whole car: |375x500

So what i would like to know is, if anyone knows a place where i could buy gears that are compatible with the arduino motor's gear and get it connected to the back wheels. If anyone has any sugestions about the setup of the gears those would also be apreciated :D.

Take the bits to a hobby shop where they will have lots of spare parts and you can select what suits you van.


What happened to the motor and gear that was already there? I doubt that you will be lucky enough to find matching gears, as they are almost always custom made.

Most people start with a toy RC vehicle, which has a suitable gearbox, and just attach a motor driver to the motor leads. That way you get a steerable framework as well.

There are many parameters when it comes to gear sizing: shaft size, teeth number, pitch, pressure angle, cycloidal vs involute etc. With all these parameters they may seem custom made but they follow standard sizes. If you can find somebody able to sell you gears they will most likely have something you can use.

Mcmaster Carr stocks gears, most likely ones you can use.

They can get really expensive though. If I were you I would buy lego gears or lego pulleys and glue those to the shaft. It might be cheaper.