Dear all,

I am planning to create Sunrise sunset affect while using Arduino Nano & N Channel Mosfets.

Existing DIY setup

10 NOS Cree XPG Cool white Leds driven by Non Dimmable driver ( 0.95 Amps 36 volts 30 W)

I am not conversant much with Electrical and electronics.

Plan to replace the above mentioned driver with Meanwell switching power supply output 48 VOLTS DC

3 amps. If the load is less than what is being output I can add 1 or 2 more channels of 10 nos cree xpg.

  1. I am stuck with deciding the Mosfet part no.

  2. Also a circuit if somebody could share if he has already made similar DIY.

  3. Do I need to use Capacitors.

  4. Also a Sketch which I could modify to my requirements.

I f there is already a link please send if not please Experts could advice

Warm Regards

S Krishna Prasad

Hi. With this type of led you must use a constant current power supply. Your proposed power supply is constant voltage. You need to use constant current drivers with a pwm control input. Search the forum, this question has been asked many times.