Driving IR LED

Hi all once again in a pickle newbie learning here.

My project is based on sending long range IR using a TSAL6100 at 56khz using the IR Library, My goal for my project is to drive this IR LED with a current of 1000ma, however i can not for the life of me find anywhere that gives you help on how to make these kinds of circuits can anyone either design, teach or provide some links for me to study and learn.

Thanks in advance, Chris.

You just need a constant current driver... You can make a simple one with 2 transistor, google it. Be careful, you'll need a transistor that can handle that amount of current. If you've got enough voltage, I would recommand a Darlington transistor.

Btw, are you sure that your LED can handle such a current?

You'll need a power supply that can supply the current, then you'll need a transistor or MOSFET to drive the LED. (The Arduino I/O pins are rated fro 40mA maximum.)

[u]Here[/u] is an online calculator for your current-limiting resistor. Note the resistor's power dissipation (Wattage). The resistor will be dissipating more power than the LED. Normally, you'd "derate" the resistor and use a resistor with twice the power rating, but presumably you'll be pulsing the LED with a low duty cycle (otherwise you'll blow the LED with 1 Amp) so the calculated wattage should be fine. If you do something "wrong" like run the LED continuously at 1A, the LED will burn-up before the resistor.

And since you are overdriving the LED, I'd recommend you buy some extras. There's a chance you'll kill a few during development/debugging. ;)



As mentioned you need to ensure the transistor can handle the current.

Also search the miles tag forum & be careful about shining directly towards eyes, particularly when close up....you don't get a second chance and won't know until after the permanent damage is done!.