Driving Mosfets

I’m using 2N7000 to switch ground to an LED strip and a IRF9Z34NPBF to switch 12VDC.

The IRF9Z34NPBF won’t switch at all.

The 2N7000s only switch from bright to dim LEDs.

Simple circuit. Both Mosfets gate is connected to an Arduino digital pin configured as an output. Source is Ground or 12VDC and drain is connected to the appropriate lead on the LED strip

Arduino ground is connected to the 12VDV ground.

Why isn’t the IRF9Z34NPBF switching?

Why does the strip alternate between Dim/Bright?

What can I do to correct this?

Thanking you in advance.

You need to drive the P MOSFET with a transistor.

The 2N7000 is not a good choice for logic level drive.