Driving Motor shield PWM with a 3.3V output

Hey everyone, I am using the motor shield rev3 to drive a DC motor. I am using an external 11V power supply for the motor (jumper cutted) I use a FPGA to generate a 1kHz PWM on a 3.3V GPIO my question is :

Will I benefit from the range of the driver if I supply AREF with a fix 3.3V ? or does the pwm input of the shield needs a 0-5V signal no matter what ?

(no arduino here, just the motor shield)

I would expect a 5v Arduino to detect a 3.3v signal reliably so maybe the motor shield will also do so.


oh, actually your answer makes me realize that my question is a nonsense. the level of the GPIO does not matter as long as it is enough to activate the transistors, and then the 11V supply will be "pulsed" according to my input pwm ! I was wrong thinking the level of the input had a role in the level of the output

thank you !