Driving multiple electromagnets

And again it is not a current surge at all - anything but; the current simply dies down.

How fast it dies down is dependent on the magnitude of the voltage produced.

Some of the solenoids draw 0.5 amp. Maybe you should read things more closely.
My comment stands. 5 x 500mA = 2.5A. If you struggle with the maths I am sure google can assist you.

Switching off is a different issue where the collapsing magnetic field causes a surge.
I strongly suggest you 'scope the current through such a coil and you will see a spike when power is applied. A small one maybe, but a spike nonetheless.


Yes, it looks like the "500mA per channel" is optimistic. Look at the "IOUT vs. Duty Cycle (8 circuits active)" chart. If all 8 outputs are on solid you can only get about 110 mA out of each with plenty of cooling. To drive 8*250 mA you need to keep the duty cycle below about 40% and provide plenty of cooling.

But not the ones chosen.

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Sounds like a solenoid with a snubber across it, not just a solenoid.