Driving power motor

Inspired by this project (and because I have the exact same table) I thought if I could use a window lifting motor / power motor for this, I have a spare BOSCH motor (this).

I don't have a proper power supply for the motor yet, so question number one is what kind of PSU would be sufficient? . If I've understood correctly, these motors may draw tens of amps under load.

It's not stated what kind of PSU is used on the project. And it's probably not directly comparable to the motor I would use. The original project uses DC-motor with Rated Current ≤6.0A and Unload Current 20A.

Also - is there a ready H-bridge / motor shield for this kind of use - I would use ESP8266 or Arduino Nano to control the motor at start.

You have already stated the power supply requirement.

If you don't need very rapid direction changes for your motor, relays are easily used.

And the Arduino will "control" the motor, not "drive" it.


What kind of load is the table carrying and how fast will it move?

The load would be 15-20kg max.
No rapid direction changes or need to change the speed. In fact, how does the speed relate to power usage? 2cm/s or so would be fine.

Assuming constant torque or force, power varies in proportion to speed, 10% faster, 10% more power (in general). Power = force in Newtons times distance in meters times time in seconds. 20 kg = 196 N of gravitational force times 0.02 meters times 1 second = 3.94Watts. That is neglecting bearing friction, sliding friction, motor efficiency and air drag. :slight_smile:
Here's a 25A controller from Pololu.


Thanks! I'll give BTS7960 a try. Ordered PSU as well.