Driving small Servo with a DUE

I've got the servo from the arduino starter kit, which I would like to use with the 3.3V of a arduino DUE. I would like to test if it works simply by hooking it up, but is there a risk that the servo (which probably requires 5V) breaks anything on the due? It specifically says that you cannot use 5V devices with a DUE:

You could measure the voltage on the signal line relative to ground on the servo when
powered up. If the device has a 5V pull up you'd be able to detect this.

Even if its not got a pull up it may not be guaranteed to work at 3.3V logic anyway...

A couple of 74HCT14 inverters strung together would make a 3.3V to 5V buffer. The
HCT family run at 5V but accept 3.3V input levels.

I already know what to do if it doesn't work. But what I mainly want to know, is whether it can damage the DUE if I hook it up to the DUE without any further circuits or so.

By the way: The power supply for the servo would also be 3.3v of a due.

By the way: The power supply for the servo would also be 3.3v of a due.

NO NO NO. Dead Due.

You never share a power supply for delicate logic chips with a servo, relay, motor
or other inductive load, its just asking for burnt out devices.

But its a small servo. And in the Projects from the starter kit you powered the servo from the arduino.

Don't even think about it.

But it does work! I've used it that way before, in the projects of the starter kit.