driving string of led's

I've run into a snag not in the electronics part of my project but the power supply. I'm trying to power 3 strings of white led christmas lights. (The kind that are almost invisible since they are soldered directly to thin copper wire.) Each string is powered by a 3.6V 800mAh wall wart. I want to splice the feeds together and power them from a single 3.6v 2400 mAh wall wart. Problem is, I can't find such a wall wart. I found a 3.3V and 4.5V at digikey. I've read that white led's normally run at 3.6V so will I burn them out using 4.5V? Will they even light at 3.3V?

May or may not light at 3.3V. Many white LEDs are spec'ed at 3.2V typical. You could take measurements on several and see what the voltage is across them.

Check the actual current draw on the strings - maybe 2.2A will do? http://www.mpja.com/36-Volt-Adapter-Power-Supply-22A-KETI/productinfo/18357%20PS/