Driving Sure HT1632 RG using ESP8266

Hi All,

During the christmas vacation I was re-discovering a two years old project .

  • Arduino Uno
  • custom shied with DS1307 for RTC management and 2 DS18B20 for temperature internal and external
  • Sure Dot Matrix 16x32 RG displaying Time and temperature with different animation.

Not really satisfied of the RTC clock precision the idea was to evolve toward DS3231 and also add WiFI connectivity and a bunch of new features (as like as displaying message from anyThings (IoT) )

I was playing a bit with the new ESP8266 module (using both NodeMCU 1.0 and Huzzah Adafruit)

At the same time the libraries I used 2 years ago to drive the HT1632 are no longer compatible with Arduino IDE 1.6.7

So I found recent developed HT1632 library on GitHub that should support ESP8266

I’ve first tried the Bicolor Heart example on an Arduino Nano and Does it work.

Trying to move to the HUZZAH Board

I’ve initialised the pin 13,12,14 with the CS,WR,DATA and 16 CLOCK pins of the Sure Display .
Unlikely the Heart doesn’t work.

I’ve also added on top of the code
#define ESP8266 1

to enable the pgm space specific for ESP but nothing seems to work.

Am I forgetting something or the PIN number to be used on ESP should be different ?


Thanks a lot


Hi all,

I've found the problem,

Breakout board Huzzah was not able to power the Sure display . I've splitted 5v power supply and supply 5v directly to the display and the problem was solved.

Thanks to all,