Driving trains with 12v and motordriver TB6612fng

I am controlling 2 n-scale trains with an a TB6612FNG motordriver. The VM is 12V 2amp and each train draws approx 0.5amp normally and 0.8amp stall current (I also have an older train pulling 0.8 and 1.2 amp). Everything is wired correctly and my code works well.
Model trains can be fickle however and I am interested in understanding what may happen to the motordriver (and trains) if the train causes a short circuit across the track, or if a train stalls for any period of time. My goal is to run them automatically and am looking at avoiding potential issues.
Also is the correct way to powerup the motordriver to first vcc then vm or does it even matter?

The chip does have a degree of protection built in.

You can get current limiting protection iC’s which you might want to look at as well as short circuit protection circuits that you could add on .

You could always use a fuse , if the event is rare, - good backup protection anyway

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