Drone Arduino


I am currently working on a motorcycle data logger project on this forum. The end of this project seems not so far and after having manage it I am thinking to continue on a drone project.

I would like build my own drone and be able to add functionalities (for example GPS coordinate tracking,...) without any SW restriction. That is why i am thinking to use an Arduino for the flight controller instead of a plug&play one.

I would like also to be able to embed a camera (GoPro), I guess I have to chose the adequat components (motor, battery,...).

I have no idea about the cost of a such project?

For sure, here there are people who have realized a similar project :)

I would appreciate some help to choose the components in a first time.

Thank you very much, Pm

Its always a good idea to try Google.

For instance try a Google search on the title of your post.