drone-controlling brushless motors with arduino

i had a problem with controlling the four motors at the same time.it seems that whenever i try to do it,only 3 work normally and one rotates for a while than it comletely stops(although its not supposed to)i tried changing the motor and the esc but its still the same.could you please tell me whats the problem?? :( :( :(

could you please tell me whats the problem??

You've done something wrong. HTH

What AWOL is getting at is that you've given us just enough information to tell that you have made a mistake somewhere. But you already knew that. I want you to sit down and think about what a person might need to know in order to help you figure out what your problem is. Think about all the parts of your project that we can't see that you might need to tell us about.

Have you tried swapping pins so that the pin controlling the failing motor is swapped with a pin controlling a motor that works? That would tell you if the problem is the ESC/Motor or the output of the pin. If it’s the pin the problem is in your sketch. If it’s the ESC/Motor then the ones you have tried are all bad.