Drone program arduino

hi i need help i want to make a drone but i don't know how to program it
any idea !!
thank you all

I strongly suggest that a drone is not a suitable first project. What background, if any, do you have in electronics, programming and RC models ?

yes i stady autommatic and informatic ... its my lest year in univers and i choose drone like a project but i have problem i don't know how i should programming arduino for a drone

Do you know how to program the Arduino to do anything ? Have you ever done any programming at all in any computer language ?

This playlist from 6 years ago goes through the whole process:

i use before matlab c++

That's good because the Arduino is programmed in C++

Where are you stuck ?

  • Can you control the motors using the Servo library ?
  • Can you read the outputs from an IMU ?
  • Can you use the IMU outputs as the inputs to a PID and the outputs from it to control the motors ?
  • what are you considering using for the remote control of the drone ?

i have no idea how i can do this thing .....

Then start by trying the examples in the IDE

Which Arduino do you have ?

arduino uno

Off you go with the examples then

Get the hang of the structure of an Arduino program with its setup() and loop() function structure

do know any site to learn !!

If you have used C++ then jump into the examples and try them. Change things like delay()s, messages and pin assignments. Extend the examples to do things like controlling more LEDs, respond to user input, control servos and read sensors

Learn what??
You have received several tips on how to begin learning Arduino but choose to ignore them?

Controlling a multirotor done from an Arduino is possible, but an extremely advanced topic that might challenge most users here. And, this is your first project???

yes its my first project i need it for my least year in univ

okay i try to start with them thank you

Do you know how a light bulb works? Now, go and design a million-LED video sign. This is the leap you are trying to make, yet I don't think you have even mastered the prerequisite.

If you plan to do anything with the Arduino, START with the basics. Run the example sketches (what Arduino calls programs). Learn the IDE structure. Make mistakes and learn to fix them. Maybe then you might be able to design a single ESC motor control.

Unless this project is going to occupy most of your time for the next year, I predict that it will never work within your timeframe.

okay thank you for the advaice

DO you have the code arduino !

See reply #5