Drone Wifi repeater suggestions

Hello All,
What do I need?
Trying to get more range on FPV on a beginner grade drone. As is now at about 125 meters the FPV stops on the app on smartphone. The drone will actually fly out to at least 1km. Have done it several times.
SO,, The FPV portion transmits from drone to smartphone over standard wifi 5ghz ac
Thoughts are to buy a IA-Thinker BW16 module run it as repeater with a small 450 mAh lipo battery piggybacked onto drone. Have never messed with one of these modules and am not sure will gain much with this. These modules have a pcb antenna and also has the ads to solder on connector for an external antenna.
Second thought is one of the TTGO T-Call modules and setup for cellular but dont really want to get this involved in it.
Anyone with ideas


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