I like what I read about DroneCell

But, does anyone have experience with using this product? Together with Arduino or otherwise…

dont quote me on this but

the DroneCell becomes a GSM/GPRS quad-band cell phone with a TTL serial interface,

seems like it would interface like any other modem ever made

which is later on confirmed by

This cellphone module is controlled by a TTL-level (3.3-5V) serial interface using standard ASCII AT commands

Yes, that's right. I'm also curious to hear from folks with hands-on experience. Is this a "good" cell phone? Does it work as advertised? That kind of thing. There are zero posts about this gizmo @ the forum so far (until now). Maybe I'll be the first user?

This is basically a home-build http://narobo.com/products/DroneCell/DroneCell.html which I find incredibly cool!