Droplet photography photogate help

It seems photogates have been discussed a lot here but I haven't found a post with the info I need. I've been doing droplet photography for years ( www.liquidartgallery.com) using a simple photogate kit I got from HiViz. That device has finally gotten fried after 20,000 shots and 6 years so its time to replace it. I am thinking about trying to replace it with an arduino but I need some help.

What I need is a single sensor that triggers the camera and flash after a delay when the droplet falls through the IR sensor. The delay needs to be easily adjustable and precise (The HiViz was a little weak in that area).

I'm new to Arduino and haven't programmed anything since I used Basic in high school 30 years ago but am willing to learn.

Would really appreciate if anyone can point me to some info on sensors triggers and program that might do what I need. Thanks

Try google with "arduino camera trigger" as a start and see what others have done. You may want to copy/buy there designs or still build your own if none of them fit your needs.