Drum machine

I'm planning on making a drum machine. The basic idea is to have 6 piezos as velocity sensitive pads and have a microcontroller play the sound (so no computer would be necessary to play with it). However i have no idea which board i should use.

The microcontroller should have enough power to play decent quality audio and allow the different sounds to play simultaneously.

I have thought of using:

  1. a teensy 3.2 with the audio adaptor board

  2. an arduino mega 2560

  3. an arduino uno with the spasrkfun wav trigger. With this one i'm a bit concerned about the latency (~8ms may not be that big but still) and it's higher price.

  4. an arduino zero

Which one of these would give me the lowest latency and the best audio quality?

I don't know... But, the main thing I'd be concerned with is triggering two (or more) sounds at once or triggering a 2nd sound while the 1st sound is still playing.

Latency is software issue. That is, it's possible to get (nearly) zero latency with any microcontroller.

Latency in a computer is related to the multitasking operating system... The only way to keep audio (or video) flowing smoothly in & out of the computer when the operating system/CPU jumping around between tasks is to use a buffer (like a storage tank). And, a buffer is a delay...

And the operating system is always multitasking and doing background/overhead operations, even when you're running only one application...

You might run into a similar issue if you try to start a new sound while another is playing, but that would depend on how you design your hardware & software...

Got it, thanks.

So i know that the teensy audio adaptor shield and the sparkfun wav trigger can play multiple sounds at once (wav trigger up to 12!). I'm thinking about going with the teensy because its smaller and cheaper.