Drum Pedals

I'm trying to build drum pedals that can be played with the feet while playing guitar. I'm currently using a Makey Makey and momentary switches to close the circuit. It works but I'm having some problems with involuntary triggering. It's hard to describe so I made a video.


Does anyone know how to get rid of this problem? Or know of a better solution for drum pedals? I need something that can be played with shoes on and that makes as little sound as possible.

Try putting a 1 microfarrad capacitor across the switch. It may help.

You may need better quality switches for that application.

Also I would consider it vitally important that there be a stop for the pedal so that the full weight of the foot and leg could never rest on the switch and that the switch can never be pushed completely to its limit. When you are playing you will not be conscious of how much force you exert on the poor switch.

You can write your software so it waits a short time (any number of milliseconds) before the next time it tries to read the switch. Obviously the wait time must be a little shorter than the shortest interval between real pedal pushes. If you want to do this sort of time control look at the demo several things at a time.