Drum Sequencer - Beat707

For those seeking an Arduino compatible Drum Sequencer, I’m reviving the Beat707, seeking funds to create the new PCBs. No more BIG design, instead, a smaller PCB with headers for the buttons + leds, so you can do any design you want with any combination of buttons and leds. But for this to happen, I need your support, visit the page for details. Thanks guys!!

Beat707 2.0, the revival!


Check out the new project. Arduino Drum Sequencer.

Guys, I'm ready to move to the next stage of the Beat707 2.0 PCB Board. :slight_smile: For those who don't know the project, is an arduino based drum machine groove box, MIDI based. The first release was great, but it has several limitations, so I'm doing now using the SD Card instead of external EEPROM + FLASH ICs. You can read more at http://www.Beat707.com for more details.

Please, contribute to the project by ordering something, so I can start doing the final PCB batch soonish.

Thanks again!!