DRV8305 3 phase stepper driver with arduino control

Hi All!

I am looking to generate 3 pwm sine waves each 120 degrees out of phase with each other.

I've done some reading and none of it results in a finished project :frowning:

I have been reading about phase correct PWM

If I got a lookup table going could I simply offset the 3 pwm signals by referancing the lookup table at 3 differant points ie 0 33 66 If I had a 100 position table?

this is the driver I'm looking at

here is the motor doc. the exact part number of my motor is not listed because its an OEM part though the It belongs to the KT series of motors.


I dont have a data sheet on the encoder though the header is 4 wire, I'm guessing its a quadrature output

The DRV8305 is a 3-phase brushless motor MOSFET driver, nothing to do with stepper motors,
and requires 6 n-channel MOSFETs to work.

Stepper motors use current drive from a stepper driver chip. 3-phase steppers are very unusual,
4-phase are the norm, some are 5-phase.

You can drive a 3-phase stepper as a brushless motor, but the performance won't be great,
very slow, and you will need to use an awkwardly low supply voltage if its a low-impedance