DRV8825 Microstepping Setup


I am following this tutorial (Stepper Motor with DRV8825 and Arduino Tutorial (4 Examples)) on controlling stepper motors using a DRV8825 driver, but it doesn't talk about the setup needed to have the stepper motor microstep.

What do I need to do differently - say I want the stepper to microstep by 1/8.

If you could include the additional code I need, I would greatly appreciate that!! Also, do I need to do any different wiring?

There is no code needed to make the stepper microstep. It is only the jumper settings of the M0, M1 and M2 pins. See the Pololu page on the DRV8825 for the settings.

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The tutorial in the OP does not seem to mention how important it is that the coil current limit be set correctly or damage to the motor and/or driver can occur. Follow the instructions on the Pololu page.

Also, the driver can handle coil currents up to about 1.5A with no heat sink. Currents over 1.5A will require a heat sink and, perhaps, fan cooling to avoid thermal shutdown.

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