DRV8833 LMotorController Library Question?

Is it possible to use the L298N library for the DRV8833 module?
The one I’m asking about is the <LMotorController.h>

I only have the DRV8833, but I’m trying a code that has that library, and I was just wondering if it would work for it. I couldn’t find anything online that says otherwise, but I’m not sure and wanted to reach out to this community :slight_smile:
I will try to implement this small library http://drv8833lib.sourceforge.net/ for the DRV8833, but I was just wanting to know if the other one would also work for this one.

You missed to tell what that stuff is supposed to do.

self balancing robot.
I looked through the library of the LMotorController and it’s just a basic code activating the input and the enable ports.

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