DS1302 Problem


The problem I’m having is when connecting the Battery backup.

For example using the serial monitor to capture the data.

Time = 18:55:40
Time = 18:55:41
Time = 18:55:42

Connect Battery backup

Time = 00:00:00
Time = 00:00:00

Disconnect Battery backup

Time = 18:55:55
Time = 18:55:56
Time = 18:55:57

Note: battery backup is 3v and the polarity is correct and being connected to pin 8.

Has anybody seen this type of problem before???

Thanks in Advance

Could it be that the trickle-charge feature was accidentally enabled? What's the value in location 91? The two bottom bits should be 0.

The program I'm using to test is located here: http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/DS1302

It shows it's set at 0x00