DS1307+ IC; Does rtc.adjust() use eeprom?

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I'm trying to use a DS1307+ IC with an Arduino, but am not sure if calling rtc.adjust() to set the time uses the eeprom found on the breakout. Does anyone know? :confused:

Thanks in advance!

The RTC and EEPROM are logically separate and have nothing to do with each other in operation.


Oh. Thanks. So if I use just the IC without the breakout, it should work just fine with the RTClib library? Do any of the functions in the library make use of the EEPROM?

Yes you could make your own RTC with the chip and a handful of components, or your own EEPROM for that matter.

On the breakout, they share the I2C lines but have separate addresses. So their functions are nothing to do with each other.

But why bother making your own? The modules are cheap and usually well made.


I was trying to integrate it into a project using a PCB. I'm trying not to have any breakouts. What other components would I need for the DS1307+?

What other components would I need for the DS1307+?

Folks around this parts don't recommend that device. Apparently, the DS3231 is far superior. The manufacture's web site contains a wealth of design information: DS3231 Extremely Accurate I²C-Integrated RTC/TCXO/Crystal - Maxim Integrated

Hi gfvalvo
Thanks for the response. I didn’t realize that when I got the ds1307+ ICs. I also already have printed PCBs with the ds1307+ also. I was going for a beginner soldering part. Because the ds1307+ is through hole, the soldering is much easier.

The data sheet says the DS1307+ only needs a crystal and a backup coin cell battery.

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