DS1307 RTC BreakOut Board

Hi! :) I'm building a big 7segment clock with an Arduino at the moment and so I needed to use a RTC. To test the RTC and to do some other field experiments I've decided to create a breakout board for the MAXIM DS 1307. It should include a backup-battery, a crystal and the pullup resistors to be connected easily to an Arduino.

And here you can the the results of about an hour of creating, etching and soldering:

It's running the example of mattt's DS1307 library and it's doing very well in keeping time :D

The EAGLE project file can be found here

I hope you like it and you can use it for your RTC projects :)

regards, Sebi

That's very neat, especially the labelling done with the copper. I must try etching something soon.


Nice one! Think my DS1307 will end up on a stripboard breakoutboard. Another one will end up on a stripboard freeduino maxserial clone.

Curious why you added the resistors.

I am doing the same for Pcf8563 Phillips RTC, and the Teensy2.0 internal pullups were fine. Maybe ok if only 1 device on I2C?

The library for this device is 90% done. I will post soon. I'll have to make a similar breakout board.

Nice etching. You can do it on a bread board as well. http://scratchpad.thisandthose.org/scratchpad/article.php?story=20100126164621223

Worked quite well till I moved it onto some stripboard.


Those resistors are the I2C pullups. It may work with the internal ones as well, but I like to use hardware-resistors ;)

When you're going to build on of those I recommend to use an angled male header, so it can be plugged in a bread board without wasting wires.

Not to sound dumb, but i have never used eagle pcb before, can't figure out how to print the artwork for the board. I am doing toner transfer method.

Little guidance please.

Thanks Mike

You need to hide the layers you dont want to see on the printed mask. So for a one sided board you should just need: Bottom, pads and Vias if you have any links to make if you cant route everything on the one side. Its under the icon for display.

and dont forget to mirror the printout as neccesary. I cant remember off hand if its the top or bottom mask you need to mirror. Im still getting to grips with eagle myself. I also like to print the placement of the parts on the top side. To do this hide all the layers for the bottom side of the board.

and if you can use a laminator for transfering the laser ink to the board. I tried ironing but the results are a revelation with the laminator. Much less pitting and all of the toner was transfered.


I got all the layers off and it looks good, still can't figure out how to make it print a negative for the lack of a better term, mirror just seem to flip the masks from left to right.

I figured it out with this link:


Thanks, Mike

I make a .ps file in eagle in the cam job. After that I open a program called gsview and print out the artwork.

Yup thats what i ended up doing getting ready to etch.


Nice work, I wanna build the same, but I can't find the capacitor value in datasheet nor in your eagle file. What's its value ?