ds1307new syntax

:zipper_mouth_face: hello there..
i try to write in a simple ligne in my file the time and date . so
i use this sequence :

        myFile.println(RTC.hour, DEC);
	myFile.println(RTC.minute, DEC);
        myFile.println(RTC.second, DEC);

again for the date.... :drooling_face:

but what i want is to write time and date only in one line like"myFile.println(RTC.time and date, DEC)";
do u think it's possible...what sequence void must i use ?? :astonished:

println() adds a newline at the end of your text. print() does not.


You can use a part of the example here : Arduino Playground - HomePage

:grin: ok it's realy works....

(so simple for u !!!)

thanks to every one..