Hello all,

i like to progame the DS1804 to do up and down wiper 1 notch at an input.

for example setpoint is 2,5V reading is 3, so what i want is wiper down to setpoint.

who can help me program

thx Chris

Uh, set the U/D pin to high or low as appropriate (depending which direction you want), lower CS, and pulse INC pin to increment (or decrement it) while monitoring the output to see that it's what you want

The control scheme is about as simple as it gets.
Datasheet makes it pretty clear, I think

Yes, i looked at the datasheet and i programmed it to go up and down, but i want to control it on a level
for example 2,5 volt, so to keep it there the wiper has to be controle bij the input to stay at 2,5 if input drop or go up.

for example setpoint is 2,5v, mv = 1V so wiper has to move up or down.

thx chris