DS18B20 Address Multipoint Solution ?

I am new to the device & tested 2 devices on a network. I wish to use 16 devices on a network but I have following doubts:

  1. As I will be aware of 16 address in reference to their installed location it will work fine. But suppose due to some problem I need to change one device then I need to update the program with address of new device. Is there a way to avoid changing code after replacing sensor ?

  2. Using separate pins for each device can be solution but the wiring will not be simple in comparison with daisy chain pattern. Also I wish to know what can be the easiest way to add 16 more pins for DS18B20 for Uno?

You can get pretty sophisticated with this and might find the following useful

but I would just change the code for the new sensor.

It's not a daisy chain, the sensors are wired in parallel. You could use extra hardware for the 16 pins, but you might as well get a Mega if you want to do that. I don't think it's a good idea.

Thanks Nick for the useful link.

I agree changing code in the device is easy & best option but is not practical in my case due to some reasons.

I am referring daisy chain for the pattern of wiring used in multi drop network & it's always in parallel.

Option of Mega is at the back of mind but considering use of such multiple devices & cost reduction I have kept it on hold.

Thanks again.