ds18b20 and web server

I finally got around to finishing (although lots more to do) my first actual project! For some reason, this time around it went a lot smoother. I probably spent about 5-10 hours getting all of it to work.

Like everyone else, it seems, I want to wire up my house with temp monitors and view them on the web. The basics of the setup is an Arduino Uno, two DS18B20s(more in the future), MySQL and Apache servers running on Ubuntu.

I have 3 main pieces of code.

  1. obviously the arduino code
  2. python script that requests data from the arduino (using cron to have it get the data at specified times.)
  3. php web page to display either the readings or graph it using jpgraph

Currently, I can only view data for one sensor at a time. My hope is to be able query by location, type, and model.(the db is setup to do this, just have to work the PHP code) As well, I want to be able to choose from a list of devices. I also need to add the ability to choose the time frame.(currently the past 48 hours)

Interesting project, can you share the sketch? I do think solar controller and data collector to write to the web server.

Well done, especially for a first project!

For the european readers you might add a second Y-axis giving the temperature in Celsius ;) or do you intend to graph the humidity too? (DHT22 is a quite nice sensor for that -> http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/DHTLib -