DS18B20 Digital Temp Sensor Programing and Accuracy

Hey guys,

Thanks for solving my temp threshold question. Much appreciated. I have another one for you. Im using a DS18B20 to display my fish tank temp. I noticed that the temp jumps back and forth in increments of 2 degrees fahrenheit? will be attaching a cooling fan in the future and i do plan on writing in a delay which will help. My question is can i squeeze any more accuracy and possibly calibrate the DS18B20 chip? Also, in my code i know how to convert the "whole" number to (F) from (C) by writing in a little math, but how can i also convert the "Fract" portion from (C )to (F)? i applied the same math but quickly found that i will not work.

Is this any help ? (see attached)

DS18B20_Temperature_serial_ok.ino (2.96 KB)