DS18B20 overheating problem

Hi everybody,

I bought a few DS18B20 temperature sensor to my next project. I got it wired as regular: first pin on the left to GND, middle pin to digital input(Arduino Uno pin2)with 4.7ohm pullup, the third pin to 5V, but the beast is overheating quickly and obviously does not work at all.Not just one, none of the five sensors what I bought together.Same problem with all. I have also given a try with my Esp8266, but no luck. As long as the wiring is so simple I checked and its regular, I have tried different sketches from the basics,but sure the problem is somewhere in the hardware tried the Parasite-powered method. Nothing helped. I have no clue what else to try. Have you guys ever faced with this problem? I just feel it so ridiculous that all 5 sensors are faulty, but its not impossible. Do you have any idea? Thanks.

Sorry, I mean 4.7kohm pullup on signal.

Are you sure they are ds18b20s? Where did you buy them?

They get seriously hot if they are wired reverse polarity. They can survive this.

Someone posted recently with a similar problem and it appears that what they had received were fakes stamped with ds18b20. They were probably cheap transistors.


I bought them on AliExpress, to be honest dirty cheap 2.45 Euro/5pcs. Seemed to be Ok as there are a couple of seller for the similar price. Do you think they must to be fake as the wiring Ok? Polarity is as it should... They get overheated in one second and Arduino shuts down when I connect it to power. They must to be shorted or fake.Did anybody indicate had received fake DS18B20?