DS18B20 Problem

Hello everyone..
I have a project which use DS18B20..
I need to use 16 of them...
When i connect with only 3 of them..everything work fine..
When i connect more than that i getting the value of 0.00
what is the problem with that..
i use the guide from here..

do you use pull up resistors? value => see datasheet

I've had up to five working fine, just on a breadboard, using this library and the example sketch that comes with it: OneWire Arduino Library, connecting 1-wire devices (DS18S20, etc) to Teensy. I'm not using parasite power, just a 4.7K pullup.

is the DallasTemperature.h compatible for more than 3 sensor...
yes..i use the pull up resistor..
does anyone know a link or web that provide the programming guide...
i'm quite lost...

This one ? - Dallas Temperature Control Library - Miles Burton - Innovative engineering for pretty much anything -

is the DallasTemperature.h compatible for more than 3 sensor...

That library, and the OneWire library, aren't really going to care how many sensors you have. The functions which use the device index use an unsigned 8-bit integer, so there's a limit there -- the largest integer which can go in there is 255. If you look at Guidelines for Reliable Long Line 1-Wire® Networks, you can see that there's no discussion about number of sensors. Considering that the complete sensor serial number is a 64-bit number, the address range is quite large. I'm no expert, but I suspect the limits on things such as wire length, power, capacitance, etc., come into play sooner than number of sensors, though of course, adding sensors adds to all those things, so implicitly, you could take that as "number of sensors" limit, given a particular network topology.