ds18b20 sensor


i need to use this sensor in a -30° freezer. Can i introduce it inside the freezer or i need to protect it any way?

thanks in advance

There are waterproof versions of this sensor e.g. - https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11050 - has a 6 feet (1.8 mtr) cable

What is in the freezer that must be kept that cold?

Waterproofing is so easy, why not do it? If only taping a plastic bag around it well.

I don't know about -30 deg, but just remember what happens in an ordinary domestic freezer: Ice builds up on things. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to de-ice your sensor by wiping it with a damp cloth?

Don't overlook the need to avoid creating too much of a thermal barrier when you introduce the waterproofing... but do you really need the sensor's temperature to track the environment's temperature "instantly"? There's going to be SOME lag, anyway.

Other protection? What were you thinking it might need? They are robust little things, and a joy to work with when you master the not-rocket-science odds and ends you need to know.

Much, MUCH more on 1-wire generally... much of it beyond what you NEED for Arduino use of 1-wire, at...


thank you both for replies.

waterproof sensor is more expensive than the common one, but if the second solution is likely (a plastic bag is cheapper). i will do that.