DS18B20 temp sensor on A6-A7

is this possible?

the sensor works on A0-A5
gnd/4.7k pullup/+5v on sensor

but on A6-A7 i get

"No more addresses."

is there a way i can use an external pull up/down resistor set to get the sensor to work on those pins?
or does the sensor require the pull up/down on the ds wire?

im using all other inputs/outputs on the arduino uno for a project and would like to add a temp sensor

From the documentation:

The Uno has 6 analog inputs, labeled A0 through A5,

Where do you get A6 and A7? which pins are you using for them?


A6 and A7 on the uno r3 smd board

below D10 and D11
they work as analog and digital inputs with a pot or switch, but do not have internal pull up/down for output drivers

Interesting. I've just tried a Onewire scanner on a NANO. It detects two DS18B20 when they are on pins 6, 12 or 19. But they aren't detected when they are on pins 20 (A6) or 21 (A7). There must be something different about those pins. I tried a 2k2 pullup instead of 4k7 and it didn't help.


do you know if it can work on an i2c bus along with a 16x2 lcd display and tiny rtc?

I've just searched the forum for info about A6 and A7 and came across this thread.
The summary seems to be:

A6 and A7 are 100% analog only pins and they are only available on boards with the surface mount version of the ATmega328.

Don't try to treat them as digital inputs.