DS18B20 with Nano BLE Sense


I am currently trying to connect a DS18B20 sensor (Grove waterproof version) to my Nano BLE Sense. After a quick search on the forum, I found that the OneWire library isn't working on this board, and that another library (here: GitHub - adameat/MaximWire: MaximWire library for Arduino 33 BLE and DS18B20 sensor) had been developed. Unfortunately, when using the AnyDevice example, which seems to be the basic example, I only get "NOTHING FOUND". I guess that means that the sensor was not recognised by the program.
I used the connections described in the library's readme. I also tried with different boards, breadboards and cables, and I checked that my sensor is working correctly using a Uno board. So I guess that it is not a hardware problem.
Do you have any advice on how to fix this problem ?

Thank you!