DS18B20 wrong connection

I’ve tried to connect this thermometer to Arduino Duemilanove like there http://stuff.nekhbet.ro/2009/08/23/how-to-use-the-ds18s20-and-ds18b20-temperature-sensors-with-arduino.html, and used program from there (first listing )http://tutorialpedia.org/tutorials/Working+with+Dallas+DS18S20+and+DS18B20+temperature+sensors+from+Arduino.html, but it doesn’t find thermometer.
That’s the way I connect it (perhaps I’am wrong in some trinket):
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You have incorrectly wired your 18S20. See figure 4 on page 6 of the manual for the DS18S20. The Ground and Vcc pins need to be shorted together and connected to ground. The Data pin goes to the digital pin on the Arduino as well as thru a 4K7 resistor to Vcc.

The diagram on stuff.nekhbet.ro is not completely correct.


Sorry for stupid question, but what "Vpu" is?

It works. Thanks!

Vcc is the positive supply voltage. The 18S20 max's out at about +5.5-volts. Glad you got it working!

I know about "Vcc". What's "Vpu"? Is "Vcc" the same thing?

I've never heard of Vpu. Where are you seeing this?? A little context would helpful.

At page 4 of DS18S20 manual (figure 4).

Vpu is the pull up voltage supply used on the data line for "talking" to the DS18S20. Technically, it's not the same thing as Vcc but it can be (well, in the spec' sheet, the supply voltage is Vdd, not Vcc).

Check out the DC Electrical Characteristics table on/about page 20.