DS2804 use?

Hi all.
I read somewhere that the DS2804 1-wire 8 I/o switch was usable with the Arduino, so I got a couple to play with. My question is, has anyone done anything with them?
I found an old library for it (which doesn't work) and some real vague references to it buti can not find anything useful. I was looking at using one to input 8 switch states and use the other as 8 outputs, possibly over wireless but I just need to read from and write to the chips for now.
Any help would be great.
Thamx in advance.

I just did a search for DS2804 and didn't come up with anything. Can you point to a link? I've not used any one-wire devices, but here are a few thoughts. If you use a one-wire interface IC (DS2482) then you need to communicate with it via I2C, which the Arduino can do easily.

If you are supplying power over one-wire line than you should use an external transistor to create an open drain output. The digital outputs are push-pull so when high they will be driving current, which might be a problem.

The one-wire protocol can't be created directly with any of the standard serial drivers (UART, SPI, I2C etc) so there would have to be a library or you need to use low level commands to send the signals. I am not aware of any off the shelf solutions, but hopefully someone has something to share.

This might help: